No platform understands media coverage like Discoverage

Discoverage is the only AI-powered platform that can gauge media Web coverage of brands, politicians, stories and much more over a period of time


Media coverage drives everything, from public perception to marketing, political campaigns and brands

Brand Changes
Public Perception
Political Campaigns

Perception drives business

Even small social media campaigns targeting brands and marketing campaigns can force companies to adapt if media coverage picks them up and sustain their message

Understanding how people think

Media narrative shapes opinions and drives movements: to anticipate the direction of social changes it’s essential to follow coverage

Buried news and scandals

Elections at all levels are won and lost on perception and news stories. Which media outlet buries uncomfortable stories and which focuses only on some scandals?

AI-driven analysis

This is how we understand media

Discoverage can read homepages like a human eye would in any language, weigh articles coverage, identify common stories and track them over time, going back years

Read any homepage

Our mix of headless browser, DOM parser and special sauce can understand media outlets homepages in any language

Indentify valid articles

Our proprietary AI cuts through the noise and identifies only valid articles that make up coverage

Understand the page structure

Do away with white spaces, foreign elements or other items that can throw off the analysis

Grade them!

Our proprietary Grader algorithm understands which articles are more important and grades them accordingly to weigh coverage

Tracking news

We track articles over time so we can see how long they are featured on any given homepage, going back years

Identifying stories

Discoverage's AI knows which articles belong to the same stories across all media outlets and which do not even if they mention similar people and events


How Discoverage can help you

Political campaigns

Find your mentions and keep track of media outlets coverage of your opponents

Brands and corporations

Monitor breaking news to taylor your brand to avoid social criticism

Journalist and analysts

Inform your readers showing how bias and misinformation works in other newsrooms

NGOs & non-profit organizations

Prove your cause by showing its measured impact in the media and on the public

PR agencies

Offer your clients a new fundamental set of metrics and gain a competitive advantage

Media publishers

Perfect your message checking on your competitors coverage strategies in real time

Need a custom implementation?

See what Discoverage can do for you

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