Controlling the Narrative

Berly Shoes is facing a tough decision. Their main testimonial, athlete Althea Franner, is being strongly criticized on the media due to some insensitive material she posted in her youth. Some members of the board of directors think the company should cut its losses and distance itself from Althea, while others would prefer to protect the relevant investments already made in this testimonial, in whom they believe. The wrong decision could impact the company's reputation as a socially responsible brand. To get the whole picture, they need to precisely assess the trend of the story: is it getting traction or already being forgotten?

Their current media monitoring tools don't track stories and don't keep a history of previous years' data so they look around and find Discoverage. With their own backend they now track the story and notice it has received not only fewer mentions in the last week, but more importantly those have a minimum weight. Moreover, using an extended license they start comparing the arc of similar stories about other public figures in the last 2 years for similar situations faced by other companies. Previous stories had far more coverage and the trajectory of the current story seems to be far less problematic. Armed with extensive and precise data that, without Discoverage, would have required a massive effort to acquire, Berly Shoes decides to keep their testimonial.

With Discoverage you can...

Check the competition

Do competitive analysis by comparing your brand's media coverage with other brands'

Monitor breaking news

Monitor breaking news to tailor your brand to avoid social criticism (da correggere ortografia taylor nel video)

Understand media impact

Analyze media impact of any past public image decision made by your or another company using Discoverage's AI to predict reactions

Gauge visibility

Precisely gauge the current media visibility of any topic or testimonial

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