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Marcus writes the media column for an international newspaper based in New York and wants to write a piece on congresswoman Alice Morty. Alice's previously great reputation as a woman of integrity is being questioned due to allegations of sexual misconduct in her youth, and the scandal broke just before a major election. Marcus believes the current coverage in the press does not tell the whole story and is determined to prove it by getting complete and objective data with Discoverage.

With Discoverage, he analyses all previous articles on the subject and the weight each of the emerging details has been given in the press. He finds out that the main accusing witness's history of blackmail and false accusations (revealed by police reports and the ex-wife testimony) has received 1/20th of the coverage of his allegations. He also compares the media coverage of a very similar accusation made against a male politician of a different party a year prior, finding out it was just 1/10th of the current one. Marcus exposes the smear campaign against Alice Morty and her story goes viral.

With Discoverage you can...

Track media coverage

Quickly discover the actual media coverage of news stories

Compare coverage

Compare current and past coverage of similar stories

Find inequities

Easily identify angles that have not received proper coverage by other journalists

Expose misinformation

Discover, monitor, and prove media bias and disinformation or smear campaigns

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