Retaining Customers

JIJI PR is a great PR Agency, but the competition is very aggressive. One of JIJI's main clients, Angle Phones, is considering moving to a competitor. They say the number of articles in the media for their last campaign was too low, and the new agency promises to double their mentions in the press. JIJI PR knows their work is solid and gets much more visibility but like many companies in this market they have a hard time quantifying it to customers. JIJI PR reaches out to Discoverage and buys a license for their customer. With that they analyze the Angle Phones campaign and see that, although the number of mentions wasn't high, coverage was great because of the position of the articles on the home page of very important media outlets and their persistence.

With Discoverage JIJI PR then analyzes their competitor's last campaign, and finds out they obtained, yes, a high number of mentions, but not great visibility because of their weight and positioning. In fact, with Discoverage, JIJI PR can prove their campaign measurably performed 4 times better! They send the report to the client underlying that the sheer number of links does not correctly represent the actual success of a campaign and that their offer is actually better than that of their competitor. In a few days, the client writes back, thanking JIJI PR for the good work and the extensive coverage. They are no longer considering the competitor's offer.

With Discoverage you can...

Track articles

Track the weight of every single article about any campaign quickly and cost-effectively

Monitor campaigns

Monitor if the campaign is gaining or losing traction, not only based on the number of articles published, but also by their weight and position on the media outlets' homepages

Map your efforts

Get a precise "coverage map" of your campaigns on different media outlets, a new tool to best invest your budget and negotiate with media outlets

Get ahead

Gain a new strategic advantage over your competitors

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