A competitive advantage

Barlix News Company publishes a major newspaper. Its circulation has recently dropped, while two competitors have gained ground. Barlix News decides to use Discoverage to compare the three newspaper's coverage of the most relevant stories in the last three months.

Using Discoverage, they find out that Barlix News has consistently given its readers less coverage than the two competitors to three major issues: the ascent of a new political candidate, the debate on immigration, and proposed taxation reforms. They also find out that Barlix News has covered much more in detail a number of other issues that other media outlets considered less relevant. The publisher uses this data as a base for new focus groups and to refocus the efforts of its best journalist.

In just a few weeks, Barlix News circulation raises and they publish a series of articles that becomes a national point of reference, gaining great visibility both with readers and advertisers.

With Discoverage you can...

Fine-tune messaging

Perfect your message checking your competitor's coverage strategies in real-time

Compare coverage

Monitor the weight and traction of any story on different media outlets at any given time

Track trends

Always stay on top of trending stories and their coverage on competitor media outlets

Expose misinformation

Easily expose disinformation campaigns and bias on competitor media outlets

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