Proving What Matters

Andbara Foundation is raising funds among its corporate donors to fight a disease spreading in some rural communities. All the potential donors, though, have the same objection: the issue is not well known yet amongst the general population, so they think their resources would be better invested elsewhere. Andbara Foundation wants to prove the cause is worthy and this is the time to act and decide to use Discoverage.

Using Discoverage the Foundation shows its potential donors that the issue is gaining visibility in the press: in the last ten weeks, the number of mentions has grown and so has the weight of the coverage. Comparing this trend with that of a similar issue in the past, they can predict this story will soon reach maximum visibility in the press (and therefore benefit the donors more in terms of PRs): the time to donate is now. With Discoverage they can also prove that in the past Andbara Foundation has gained more visibility in the press for its donors than any other non-profit organization. After a new round of calls, Andbara Foundation is now able to convince most of the donors to donate based on the hard data they were provided.

With Discoverage you can...

Prove visibility

Show the visibility trend of any issue, considering not only the number of mentions in media outlets but also the weight of the articles

Compare trends

Compare trends for the present and past campaigns visibility

Map your efforts

Get a precise "coverage map" of your campaigns on different media outlets, a new tool to best invest your budget and negotiate with media outlets

Monitor issues

Monitor which issues are more visible in the press to help you define your specific objectives

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